Paper Submission
Paper No. Title
Full Paper (Total 20)
8 An Application Profile for Linked Teacher Profiles and Teaching Resources. (Chariya Nonthakarn, Rathachai Chawuthai and Vilas Wuwongse)
13 Search Effectiveness and Efficiency of Facet-based Online Catalog: A Crossover Study of Novice Users.  (Tanapan Tananta and Songphan Choemprayong)
16 Cross Media Recommendation in Digital Library. (Jia Zhang, Zhenming Yuan and Kai Yu)
19 Collapsing Duplicates at Data Entry: Design Issues in Building Taiwan Citations Index. (Chia-Ning Chiang)
24 Knowledge Sharing by Students: Preference for Online Discussion Board vs Face-to-Face Class Participation. (Shaheen Majid, Pang Yang, Huang Lei and Guo Haoran)
46 The Participatory Design of an Information Literacy Game. (Yan Ru Guo and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh)
52 A Comparative Analysis of Children’s Reading Activity for Digital Picture Books in Local Public Libraries. (Keizo Sato, Chihiro Arakane and Makoto Nakashima)
53 Quality Assurance Tool Suite for Error Detection in Digital Repositories. (Roman Graf and Ross King)
58 A Log Analysis Study of 10 Years of eBook Consumption in Academic Library Collections.  (Haley Littlewood, Annika Hinze, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany and Sally Jo Cunningham)
59 Family Visits to Libraries and Bookshops: Observations and Implications for Digital Libraries.  (Claire Timpany, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Annika Hinze, and Sally Jo Cunningham)
60 Shared Reading of Interactive Children’s Books.  (Claire Timpany, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Annika Hinze, Sally Jo Cunningham, and Kristy Wright)
65 Player Acceptance of Human Computation Games: An Aesthetic Perspective. (Xiaohui Wang, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Ee-Peng Lim and Adrian Wei Liang Vu)
67 Uses of Online Survey: a Case Study in Thailand.  (Thitima Srivatanakul and Nuwee Wiwatwattana)
69 Cost Evaluation of CRF-Based Bibliography Extraction from Reference Strings. (Naomichi Kawakami, Manabu Ohta, Atsuhiro Takasu and Jun Adachi)
79 Evaluating the Academic Performance of Institutions within Scholarly Communities. (Lili Lin, Zhuoming Xu, Yuanhang Zhuang and Jie Wei)
83 Axis-based Alignment of Scholarly Papers and Its Presentation Slides Considering Document Structure. (Yuhei Kawakami, Atsuto Nishida, Toshiyuki Shimizu and Masatoshi Yoshikawa)
99 Content Profiling for Preservation: Improving Scale, Depth and Quality. (Artur Kulmukhametov and Christoph Becker)
113 An Evaluation Study of the Automating Metadata Interoperability Model at Schema Level: A Case Study of the Digital Thai Lanna Archive.  (Churee Techawut, Lalita Tepweerapong and Choochart Haruechaiyasa)
114 OA Policies and the Sustainability of Digital Libraries of Scholarly Information. (Gobinda G. Chowdhury)
115 The Construction of an Ontologies Using Recommender Management System for Tourism Website of Northeast Thailand. (Issara Chuenta, Jaree Thongkam and Jiratta Phuboon-Ob)
Short Paper (Total 19)
14 Parameter-Free Imputation for Imbalance Datasets.  (Jintana Takum and Chumpol Bunkhumpornpat)
17 An Automatic Library Data Classification System Using Layer Structure and Voting Strategy. (June-Jei Kuo)
18 Learning Object Metadata Mapping for Linked Open Data. (Noppol Thangsupachai, Suphakit Niwattanakul and Nisachol Chamnongsri)
22 Digital Preservation of Palm-Leaf Manuscripts in Thailand. (Prasittichai Lertratanakehakarn)
33 Comparative Study of Digital Repositories: A Case Study of DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology. (Alka Bansal and Dipti Arora)
49 Dimensions of User Experience and Reaction Cards. (Tanja Merčun and Maja Žumer)
55 A Simple Document-by-Document Search Tool “Fuwatto Search” Using Web API. (Masao Taku and Yuka Egusa)
61 Personal Digital Libraries: Keeping Track of Academic Reading Material. (Mohammed Al-Anazi, Annika Hinze, Nicholas Vanderschantz, Claire Timpany and Sally Jo Cunningham)
64 Widgets to Support Use of a Historical Digital Library. (Robert B. Allen and Yoonmi Chu)
70 Altmetrics for Country-Level Research Assessment. (Hamed Alhoori, Richard Furuta, Mohammed Samaka andEdward Fox)
73 Finding Co-occurring Topics in Wikipedia Article Segments. (Renzhi Wang, Jianmin Wu and Mizuho Iwaihara)
78 A Multi-lingual and Multi-cultural Tool for Learning Herbal Medicine. (Verayuth Lertnattee and Chanisara Lueviphan)
80 Computing Tag-Diversity for Social Image Search. (Eunggyo Kim, Takehiro Yamamoto and Katsumi Tanaka)
84 A Distributed Platform for Archiving and Viewing Cultural Artifacts in 3D. (Weeraphan Chanhom and Chutipon Anutariva)
107 Concept-based Cross Language Retrieval for Traditional Thai Medicine Recipes. (Jantima Polpinij)
109 Transformation of DSpace Database into Ontology. (Humaira Farid, Sharifullah Khan and Younus Javed)
112 Information Package Development of Alternative Primary Foods on 3D E-book Media. (Abdurrakhman Prasetyadi, D.W.Ari Nugroho and Fitria Laksmi Pratiwi)
117 Dynamic Web Application for Managing and Searching Antique and Art Object Information. (Areerat Trongratsameethong and Pongkwan Saejao)
118 Information Retrieval skills of Research Scholars of Social Sciences: a Study. (M.R.Murali Prasad)
Poster Paper (Total 12)
12 The Implementation of Facebook to Intellectual Properties Classroom. (Satit Phiyanalinmat)
15 Calligraphy Character Synthesis from Small Sample Set. (Kai Yu and Zhenming Yuan)
30 Research Data Repositories in Thai Universities.  (Namtip Wipawin and Aphaporn Wanna)
37 A Comparison of Key Phrase Extraction Tools for Cross-Domain Recommender System. (Supaporn Tantanasiriwong and Choochart Haruechaiyasak)
44 Usage Pattern of E-Resources at EFL University, Hyderabad (A.P.), India: A Case Study. (Kanakachary Uthoju)
66 Development of a Book Recommendation System to Inspire "Infrequent Readers". (Shuntaro Yada)
71 A Comparison of Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms for Improving Efficiency of PromoRank. (Metawat Kavilkrue and Pruet Boonma)
72 Library Book Recommendations Based on Latent Topic Aggregation. (Shun-Hong Sie and Jian-Hua Yeh)
74 Query Formulation for Action Search by Bootstrapping. (Yoshinori Kitaguchi, Hiroaki Ohshima and Katsumi Tanaka)
86 Transforming Publication List of LIS-TW in Author Identification Services to Open Linked Data for Mobile Application. (Chao Chen Chen, Hong Shiu Liang and Shun Hong Sie)
88 Humanities Digital Collection Related to Yogic Science Resources. (Vinod Kumar B L and Khaiser Nikam)
92 Documentation and Dissemination of Kotagede's Local Wisdom by Kotagede Heritage Library: Best Practice. (Nur Cahyati Wahyuni, Lista Rantika and Imarn Zakaria)

ICADL 2014’s Author Guidelines for a Camera-Ready Paper Submission

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The final submission to be sent to the editors must include:

  1. Two Camera-Ready files, in a Word format and a PDF format, of an accepted paper which has been strictly revised according to the reviewers’ comments.  Please be informed that the editors may not accept the paper which has not been revised accordingly to be published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences (LNCS).

    For the length of the paper, a FULL paper should be 10-14 pages, a SHORT paper should be 6-8 pages, and a POSTER paper should be 4-6 pages.

    Your file name must be identified by an EasyChair’s submission number generated to your paper earlier.  Please save your file’s name as “Camera-Ready of ICADL2014 Paper…”  For example if your submission no. is 1, you must save your file name as Camera-Ready of ICADL2014 Paper 1.

    A camera-ready paper must be strictly prepared by following the “Author Guidelines for the Preparation of Contributions to Springer Computer Science Proceedings”.
    See the information at

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    How to enable macro in MS Word

    Please make sure that all the authors’ names, organizational affiliations, and email addresses are included and typed correctly in a camera-ready paper.  Please also identify a corresponding author of the paper for further correspondences.

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