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Chiang Mai province is a province in Thailand that is located in the North of the country. The total area of it is about 20,107 Square Kilometers and it is the second biggest province in Thailand. Chiang Mai appears in the “Nopburi Sri Nakorn Ping Chiang Mai” history that states that it was built in 1296, the one who build it was King Mangrai who was 700 years old on 1995.

In the past Chiang Mai was the capital city of a freedom kingdom that was called Lanna Kingdom which was reined by Mangrai dynasty for about 261 years (during 1296 - 1556). Until 1556, Chiang Mai lost its city to King Bureng Nong of Burma and was under the rule of Burma for over 200 years. Until the age of King Krung Thon Buri, there was a war which was led by Lord Gawila and Phya Jah Bahn which discharged Burma out of Chiang Mai and Chiang Saen successfully.

Afterwards, King Phra Pudtha Yord Fah Chula Lok Maharach set up Lord Gawila as Phra Chao Barom Racha Tibdi Galiwa to govern the Northern provinces a dominium country of the Ratanakosin capital. The Chakrativong dynasty governed Chiang Mai and the other provinces afterwards which they named these the Ratanatingsa Aphinwaburi Chiang Mai.

During the reign of King Chula Chom Glao Chao, there was a governing reformation by setting up a new government called “Mon Ton Payap” or Mon Ton Lao Chiang. Afterwards Chiang Mai has improved its government to be a Province since 1930. in the reign of King Phra Pok Glao Chao.

At present Chiang Mai is a big and important city of the northern part of Thailand. It is also the central of economic and society and it tourism latency that is because it has a lot of tourist attractions with beautiful nature and it also consists of high valued historic stories, these include the historic sites, ruins and beautiful Lanna architectures. There are also the cultural arts and the valuable and beautiful tradition which are important things that made Chiang Mai very popular among Thai and foreign tourists. This also includes the protected intellects that reflects handicrafts that are very popular such as the wooden craves, jewelry, umbrella making, mulberry paper and woven cottons and foods that have a special entity of the country, which tourists like a lot.

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